The Art of The Insurance Deal


Buying or selling an insurance entity is not easy. But help is on the way!

In an industry presently experiencing a mass exodus of retiring business owners, Jeff Arnold, president of RIGHTSURE INSURANCE, is the perfect guide to walk potential sellers and buyers through the arcane, often bewildering process of brokerage acquisition.

More About the Book

In his nearly thirty years as a leader in the insurance industry, Jeff has been involved in over 60 transactions involving the sale/purchase of agencies and companies. Renowned for his expertise in mergers and acquisitions (he pioneered new “deep diving” due diligence standards), Jeff has managed deals ranging from thousands of dollars to more than one hundred million dollars.

The Art of the Insurance Deal Buying and Selling Insurance Agencies THE RIGHTSURE WAY is a must-have book for today’s insurance agency buyers and sellers. Combining revealing anecdotes with a wealth of information Jeff tackles:

• agency valuation:
• tax implications for both seller and buyer;
• the impact of technology on the modern-day insurance business;
• the right ways to get an honest assessment of the marketplace;
• the intricacies of owning a niche agency;
— as well as many other aspects of what Jeff calls the “sexiest business in the world.”

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I am originally from a small town in Western Kentucky ( much smaller than you are thinking ).

My family was a combination of Preachers, Farmers, and Career Military with a sprinkling of some new kind of thing called Entrepreneurs.

I am currently married to Laura Lee Arnold and  ” YES, I Over Married ” as she is much smarter than I. She is a stay at home Mom ( toughest job ever ) and we have four children ranging in age from 22 to 8.


My Career in the Joint Venture vertical known as Insurance started completely by accident. After a short term of serving our wonderful nation in the United States Army, I went to school for Drama Acting and was returning from Hollywood ( North Hollywood NOT the glamorous part you are thinking about ) to visit my Mom in Tucson Arizona.

I had been doing minor local tv stuff, stand up comedy in different clubs throughout the southwest and a few military base tours. I had zero gigs lined up and needed to ( eat, pay rent, put gas in car, Insert other necessity ). SO, like any young man desperate for work, I responded to an ad for Insurance Salesman ( It’s cliché I know)  in beautiful Tucson Arizona.

From day one of my new career, I was hooked. I could not read enough, learn enough or digest enough about this wonderfully exciting industry you casually refer to as Insurance, but I call giver of life, dream fulfiller and industry of all things sexy, exciting and just plain awesome.

With the same missionary zeal of the preachers in my family and the military discipline from other parts of my family I began to tell everyone about Insurance. I also began to apply this crazy theory of Entrepreneurship into insurance and my first joint ventures were born.

I have been fortunate to do joint ventures with Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Firms, Online Search Engines, Auto Dealerships, Privately Held Money Funds, Publicly Traded Aggregators, and some really neat Reinsurance stuff with billion dollar companies.


If you are contemplating any Insurance Venture “ we should meet “.


CEO @ Abbey Road Insurance Holdings

  • 2014 – Present
  • Joint Ventures with Online Aggregators, Comparison websites and Insurance Portals. With Abbey Road and, We help people with All Things Insurance.

President @ RightSure Insurance Group

  • 2007 – Present
  • Providing for Policyholders in 44 States. RightSure is an Insurance Agency that represents the interests of policyholders, not insurance companies. See how we are different.

Managing Member @

  • 2010 – Present
  • beinsured.Com is an insurance portal that puts consumers in control. We like to say we have answers & can provide quotes for “All Things Insurance”. One website for every type of insurance, built just for you.

School Board Chairman @ Casas Christian School

  • 2005 – Present
  • Casas Christian School has been Providing Rigorous, Relevant, Relational Education for the whole child for more than 50 years.

Managing Member @ Lenders Portal

  • 2009 – 2011
  • My partners from LenderBridge and I tried a repeat in the Ancillary Services Products Platform business. Lenders Portal had great minds, excellent products and superior technology, but at the wrong time. We launched right in the Middle of the economic meltdown. Super Fun Times but no home run.

President @ LenderBridge LLC

  • 2007 – 2009
  • LenderBridge was an ancillary services provider for Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Firms. In the middle of the Credit Crisis we managed to achieve some solid growth and flip it.
    Sold to Mortgage Banking Firm 2009.

President @ First Magnus Lender Services

  • 2000 – 2007
  • First Magnus Lender Services was a subsidiary entity of First Magnus Financial. Served as President of Lender Services Division. One Phrase describes those years ” hockey stick growth ” every day. every year. Awesome Growth Experiences. We grew from 19 to 4200 employees in 7 years.

Founder & President @ Western Pacific Insurance Brokerage

  • 1988 – 2000
  • Startup from scratch – the old fashioned way. Knocking on doors and making cold calls ( by the hundred’s daily ) Sold Western Pacific to Regional Banking firm in late 1999. Loved it. Learned Much.


Columbia School of Business

  • Executive Education Program

Tulsa Community College

  • Visual and Performing Arts, Mastering Stage Presence

United States Army – 45th Aviation Battalion (Spec Ops)

  • 1984 – 1989
  • “Prior to 1979, you probably hadn’t heard of counterterrorism or Special Operations. Even so… Read More
    …special warriors have been around since Moses sent Joshua to spy out the land of Canaan.
    In the early 80s a Highly Classified Spec Ops unit was created and Colonel Billy R. Wood served as the operations officer of the newly organized 45th Aviation Battalion (Special Operations). The special operations training and missions carried out by the team were conducted in secret. These soldiers were called the Lords of Darkness.
    The night belonged to them—and their hearts belonged to aviation.”
    Col Woods Book is now available on AMAZON.

Union High School

  • 1980 – 1984
  • Say the word Redskin and you picture a group pulling together to create an everlasting bond. This group… Read More
    …comes from all directions in the academic, athletic, extracurricular activity, and scholastic disciplines. Say the word Redskin and you picture a never-say-die warrior who was the first in all our history; a brave and sturdy chief who looks after what he has and is eager to take on and conquer what is in the future.It is our mission to provide our community of learners with educational opportunities to acquire and develop the best possible academic, vocational, recreational, social, and participatory skills, enabling them to become valued, contributing members of a changing global society.
    Union’s proud tradition began with its formation in 1919 when four rural communities – Alsuma, Boles, Mayo and McCollough – consolidated.In 1968, there were 800 students in the entire district. In 1995, that number grew to 11,500 and to more than 14,000 in 2010.

Volunteer Experience & Causes

AMOR Ministries –

Volunteer – Center for Student Missions (Social Services)

  • Center for Student Missions Provides Short term urban mission trips in cities in the United States.
    To learn more or to volunteer visit:

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