Ambassador For the Insurance Industry

Jeff has been called a Thought Leader and Global Ambassador for the Insurance Industry. He writes and speaks on insurtech’s, Agency Acquisitions and helps consumers understand their products.


Jeff Arnold Way

In his nearly thirty years as a leader in the insurance industry, Jeff has been involved in over 60 transactions involving the sale/purchase of agencies, MGA's and companies. Renowned for his expertise in mergers and acquisitions (he pioneered new “deep diving” due diligence standards), Jeff has managed deals ranging from a few hundred thousand to more than one hundred million dollars.


As a Global Ambassador for our industry or as an advocate for consumers, I help people navigate the insurance buying landscape


Insurance Evolved

INSURANCE 2025 (The Insurance Ambassador – musings, thoughts, predictions & stories from 30 years in insurance.)

You, no doubt have been subjected to countless articles written about insurtech and the corresponding avalanche of cash being deposited into our industry.

In my latest book A PRIMER, I discuss what I think are some emerging trends on how our industry evolves into 2025.


Tech-Enabled, Tech-Forward or Tech-Shackled

In this primer, Jeff offers simple and revealing anecdotes to assist anyone involved with technology integration to begin a more discipline thought process.

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Business Building Sessions (The Insurance Ambassador – musings, thoughts, predictions & stories from 30 years in insurance.)

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Jeff Arnold leads you through life insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, annuities, and so much more.

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Jeff Arnold leads you through many different insurance scenarios and helps you make the right decisions with the right coverage.

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