Meet Jeff Arnold

I am originally from a small town in Western Kentucky (much smaller than you are thinking).

My family was a combination of Preachers, Farmers, and Career Military with a sprinkling of some new kind of thing called Entrepreneurs.

I am currently married to Laura Lee Arnold and ” YES, I Over Married ” as she is much smarter than I. She is a stay at home Mom (toughest job ever ) and we have four children ranging in age from 26 to 12.

If you have children, perhaps yours also live to annoy each other.

In this wonderfully captured moment of sibling bonding, we simply asked my son to watch his sister while we ran an errand.

Not content to just have brother and sister bonding time, he chooses to educate her on the different snap chat filters. ( but not really )

Watch below and you’ll see what I mean.

Career SnapShot

My Career in the Insurance Joint Ventures vertical started completely by accident. After serving our wonderful nation in the United States Army, I pursued Drama & Acting and was returning from Hollywood ( North Hollywood NOT The Glamorous Part You Are Thinking About ) to visit my Mom in Tucson Arizona.

I had been doing minor local tv stuff, stand up comedy in different clubs throughout the southwest and a few military base tours. I had zero gigs lined up and needed to ( eat, pay rent, put gas in car, Insert other necessity ). So, like any young man desperate for work, I responded to an ad for Insurance Salesman (It’s cliché I know) in beautiful Tucson Arizona.

From day one of my new career, I was hooked. I could not read enough, learn enough or digest enough about this wonderfully exciting industry you casually refer to as Insurance, but I call giver of life, dream fulfiller and industry of all things sexy, exciting and just plain awesome.

With the same missionary zeal of the preachers in my family and the military discipline from other parts of my family I began to tell everyone about Insurance. I also began to apply this crazy theory of Entrepreneurship into insurance and my first joint ventures were born.


I have been fortunate to do joint ventures with Banks, Credit Unions, Mortgage Firms, Online Search Engines, Auto Dealerships, Privately Held Money Funds, Publicly Traded Aggregators, and some really neat Reinsurance stuff with billion dollar companies.


Since 2014


Joint Ventures with Online Aggregators, Comparison websites and insurtechs. Abbey Road helps companies and people with All Things Insurance.

Since 2010


Providing for Policyholders in 44 States. RIGHTSURE is a technology company focused in the Insurance Space that represents the interests of policyholders, not insurance companies.

Jun 2014-2016


Joint Ventures with Auto Dealerships, Comparison Websites and Insurance Portals. We provided back-end fulfillment and quote conversions for internet based insurance operations.