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RIGHTSURE: The Affordable, Reliable Insurance Choices Tailored for the Consumers


The Executive Headlines

The insurance industry is quite fragmented with several challenges that exist like talent shortages, managing the balance between tech and human, climate risk, and increased regulatory requirements. RIGHTSURE has effectively tackled the shortcomings of the industry and presented affordable and reliable insurance choices which are tailored according to consumer needs.

RIGHTSURE insures everything from pets to jets.

RIGHTSURE is an independent insurance group, headquartered in Tucson Arizona, and caters to the insurance needs of 42 states across the United States. The company prides itself on the Famously Friendly Humans and Discount Discovery Technology that will help the clients save money and have a frictionless experience.


How it Started


The Great Recession affected the billion-dollar financial firm and the former employees were pursuing employment. Turning the challenges into opportunities, these members laid the foundation of RIGHTSURE.

Since its establishment, the company has acquired several agencies and is also involved in joint ventures with public and privately held firms. Its expertise and persistence have helped the company secure millions of dollars in financing and executed reinsurance measuring with billion-dollar conglomerates. RIGHTSURE is the combination of an insurance agency, insurtech, and aggregator backed by powerful AI initiatives. It gives the consumers the control of insurance process.


Unique and Beneficial Propositions


Over the years, the consumers have been marketed to believe that all insurance is equal and the only difference is the price (or the premium paid) while on the contrary, every single policy sold is a separate legal contract with the insurance company and if the consumer is paying less, he is most likely getting much less coverage. RIGHTSURE addressed this gap by developing Discount Discovery Technology.

RIGHTSURE policy comes with three very unique propositions,

  • The Award-Winning Famously Friendly Humans: Team of experts who help the consumers save money on their insurance while ensuring they are properly covered.
  • The Discount Discovery Technology: The solution is focused on helping the consumers understand more of what they are buying, while its advanced tech tools find all available discounts by the carrier, by state, and across hundreds of insurance companies.
  • The RATEGUARD Platform: With the RATEGUARD Platform the consumers can re-shop all their insurance before every renewal to gain the best coverage, the best rate, and the most discounts.

RIGHTSURE assists the consumer in finding quality insurance coverage while providing the best-in-class customer service with a high level of professionalism. The team of RIGHTSURE aims to develop long-term relationships with the customers. “As independent insurance agents, we’ll research rates and coverage from top insurance companies so you can be sure you have the best possible insurance rates and insurance coverage for your needs. We do the insurance shopping and comparing so you can save time and money!” quotes Jeffery Arnold, the Founder of RIGHTSURE.


Exceptional Client Service & Matchless Human Connection


RIGHTSURE distinguishes itself in quantifying data. The team pays attention to the details and strives to render the best results for the consumers. RIGHTSURE has an unabashed, unmatched, and unapologetic focus on finding the right talent and honing their skills to keep the Famous Friendly Humans engaged and focused on helping the customers get excited about a topic and subject that is mundane for others.

The efforts of the RIGHTSURE team have been recognized by several awards and accolades won over the year. These awards also stand as a testimonial to what the company has been able to achieve. In 2021 alone, the company won several awards for its culture and innovations like the Top Insurance Firms North America2021 Top Insurance WorkspaceMost Outstanding Independent Insurance Agency, and winner of 5 Star Insurance Brokerage Winner. Jeff Arnold’s leadership was also awarded Insurance Executive of the Year North America, 2021, and The Herald of A New Era in Insurance. Jeff is also often regarded as the Global Ambassador of the insurance industry. He adds, “We are often reminded that people don’t buy from companies—they buy from people—and at RIGHTSURE our people are the company.

Despite the challenges of COVID, RIGHTSURE was able to sail through the tough tides and persevere towards success. In 2021, the company elevated the status of Famously Friendly Humans – as RIGHTSURE has become synonymous with an exceptional client experience and unmatched human connection.


Offering Affordable and Reliable Service


In the insurance industry, change is the only constant and the changes are thrown at you daily. To sustain in the market one has to adapt to the changes. From Weather Patterns to increased costs to fix cars and rebuilding home, along with the current environment of inflation mixed with Social Justice Settlements the industry is experiencing immense pressure on how to price insurance and how to deliver that messaging to the buyers.

RIGHTSURE aim is to help the consumers save money and ensure they are covered. To fulfill this, the company will continually invest in its unique propositions RATEGUARD, Discount Discovery Technology that will make all types of insurance affordable for the people. Alongside, develop, attract and retain its Famously Friendly Humans.


A Power-Packed Future


RIGHTSURE's RATEGUARD platform is helping to put consumers in control of how much they pay for insurance and is changing the entire insurance ecosystem as it teaches consumers How to Beat Insurance Company Rate Increases. 

RIGHTSURE is currently in the middle of raising more capital to improve its platform and gain more market share. Jeffery states, As far as the most exciting part of what we do is: I truly am humbled by how our giving MODEL has grown at RIGHTSURE. A portion of every Single Policy dollar goes to: 



This is powerful as it creates an impact as the team is helping change lives for the better. Every single policyholder at RIGHTSURE contributes to these great causes.


What makes RIGHTSURE, a leading company amongst all the competition in the industry?


Firstly, without a doubt – RIGHTSURE is known for its Famously Friendly Humans and how we fuse together our Humans with Artificial Intelligence and layer it with our tech-forward ideology. This fusing together of Humans, Machines, and Technology continues to win us a record number of awards and more importantly, attracts customers by the thousands monthly.

RIGHTSURE will help you find quality insurance coverage while providing customer service with a high level of professionalism.”

We've helped countless people save money on their insurance while making sure they're properly covered.”


About the leader:


Jeff Arnold has been challenging the insurance status quo for over two decades. His skills and experience make him a distinguished leader in the insurance industry today.

Jeff grew up in Kentucky and served in the U.S. Army. He also endured a short stint as a starving actor in Hollywood before discovering his path in the insurance industry. In 1988, Jeff started his career in insurance with the old-fashioned way of business. For his first agency, Western Pacific Insurance Brokerage, he knocked on doors and cold-called hundreds of prospects. Soon he worked his way up the ladder and is among the most successful entrepreneurs now.

I’m the dumbest person in any conference room.” This humility and willingness to learn is what sets him apart. Currently, Jeff is the Founder of RIGHTSURE Insurance Group offering personal lines and commercial lines solutions to policyholders in 42 states. He is passionate about discovering the right opportunity at the right time. Jeff is always seeking unconventional ways to succeed in the traditional insurance industry.




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