February 24, 2022

Improving the Customer Journey Through Digital Solutions

Improving the Customer Journey Through Digital Solutions.

Wonderful opportunity to sit down with Paul Lucas of Insurance Business America and talk about the client experience, the journey consumers take to use our products.

Brief excerpt below, in case you want a sneak peek into our technology stacks at RIGHTSURE.

Speaker3: [00:22:55] Thank you, Jeff. And while we're on the subject of insurance technology, you've described your platform as the end of insurance shopping. What do you mean by that?

Speaker1: [00:23:07] Yeah, deep, dark secrets. Coming up, secrets. We so we fancy our platform as this, if you think in our space. So in the retail brokerage space or agency in the United States space and everyone who's in that space is focused in what I call the red ocean space. Right. Everyone's dropping a line in that red ocean to get more quotes, more people to their website, 15 minutes or maybe 15 percent. And so all these billions of dollars are focused in that space. And so we've dropped our line in the blue ocean space in the back side of the operation or client fulfillment or customer journey and the blue ocean space. It says, you know, once you have a policy with us, you'll never shop for insurance again. You'll never go through a customer a rate increase again without knowing about it. And then we use a lot of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence. Right. Woven through our processes to understand where the consumer is on their life journey. Right. We're getting married or getting older, needing life insurance, moving with a lot of predictive analytics to reach out and touch them at those life moments. And then artificial intelligence is woven through every interaction we have with the consumer from our chatbot to our call centers to our cell site for verifying underwriting information. And so we just consider ourselves the individual shopping, because once a consumer has a policy with us, we assure them you'll never need to shop again. We'll take care of everything for you.


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IBTV Insurance Business America Interview with JEFF ARNOLD

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