August 24, 2020

Insurance Trendsetters Podcast


Contrary to popular belief that InsurTech is disrupting the insurance industry, Tucson agent Jeff Arnold says we’re actually the ones in control. Find out how he is integrating the best of InsurTech with the unique talents of the independent agent to deliver a better experience to his agency customers.

In this episode, we dive into InsurTech – past, present, and future and talk about how technology is allowing us to speed up the insurance buying cycle. Plus, we talk about how agents are outperforming InsurTech companies.

Jeff also explains how he eliminated traditional phones in his agency a decade ago and how it helped them go remote during the COVID lockdown.

Like many business, Jeff has seen an impact from the pandemic. He tells us about how the pandemic impacted his new business flow and how they are bouncing back from the challenge.

Plus, he talks about how he’s using an artificial intelligence device and a robot as employees in his agency.

As we wrap up, Jeff gives us some insight into who can be successful in the insurance industry – you’ll be surprised!


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IBTV Insurance Business America Interview with JEFF ARNOLD

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