May 27, 2020

We Make it easy to sell your agency

Looking to sell your Insurance Agency ?

The Art of the Insurance Deal, Buying and Selling Insurance Agencies THE RIGHSTURE WAY is an informative primer for insurance agency buyers and sellers both.

As much through anecdotes as pure hard facts, Jeff tackles agency valuation, tax implications for both seller and buyer, the important impression of technology on the modern-day insurance business, the honest assessment of the marketplace and the intricacies of owning a niche agency, as well as many other factors for what Jeff calls, the “sexiest business in the world.”

If you are thinking of Selling your Insurance Agency, please take a moment to schedule a call or begin with a quick read of my book.



Available now on Amazon! Discover a lifetime of money smarts, asset protection, and wealth building learned from decades of experience.

IBTV Insurance Business America Interview with JEFF ARNOLD

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