May 25, 2022

RIGHTSURE introduces RATEGUARD technology

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RightSure’s leveraging of AI could mean the end of insurance shopping providing consumers with a clear visual on not just the rate but the real difference in coverage.

So, how is RightSure’s technology delivering a better customer experience and how does it compare to a rate comparison solution? To discuss this and more, we are joined by Jeff Arnold, President of RightSure.

Bethan Moorcraft: [00:00:56] Hi, everybody and welcome to IBA Talk, the Insurance Business America podcast. I’m Bethan Moorcraft, Senior News Editor at Insurance Business and I’m gonna start this episode with a question. Have you ever had a client, a friend, or a family member come to you grumbling about how much their insurance costs? They pay for their auto, home, and life insurance every month and unless they have a claim, they don’t seem to get much in return.

Well, according to today’s guest, insurance does not have to be this way. I’m delighted to welcome Jeff Arnold, President of RightSure who’s gonna be talking us through RightSure’s unique solution to this problem. A new AI-powered discount discovery technology called RateGuard. Jeff, welcome to IBA Talk.


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IBTV Insurance Business America Interview with JEFF ARNOLD

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