May 21, 2020

What’s your Exit Strategy

What’s the exit strategy for getting out of your insurance business ?

At some point in every career, owners will be faced with how to monetize one of ( If not the ) biggest assets they own, their insurance agency.

Commonly referred to as an exit strategy, it is often not given much thought until very late in the game.

If you have arrived at this place in your life and are looking for counsel in navigating through how to get the highest multiple, the largest payout and the best way to structure your deal, lets schedule a call.

I also discuss multiple exit strategies in my book and it’s a good place to start helping you collect your thoughts regarding, all things insurance agency valuation.

I won’t kid you, letting go of your beloved agency is not going to be easy, but I can give you some wonderful anecdotes of how myself and others have learned to thrive in this space.

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Chatting with Rick Dayton of NewsRadio KDKA. A Fun Interview.

I spent a very early morning with Doug Wagner of I Heart Radio WMT NewsRADIO. Doug has so much energy, I didn’t even need coffee for the interview.

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