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I Heart Radio Interview

I spent a very early morning with Doug Wagner of I Heart Radio WMT NewsRADIO. Doug has so much energy, I didn’t even need coffee for the interview.

If your firm still uses landline phones, its way past time to modernize.

An Afternoon with SPOT ON Insurance – Reviewing Art of The Insurance Deal.

While change and growth are painful and difficult, they are nothing compared to the pain of becoming obsolete. Begin Transforming your organization today.

To achieve a tech transformation at your insurance agency, your customers and team members behaviors must change too. But if you think your customers represent the greatest challenge, you’re wrong.

SO, I. STARTED. A. RIOT. ! I am convinced that A #RIOT was the answer.

Looking to sell your agency, let’s chat.

Book Interview with Oak Street Funding. I Highly Recommend Them.

Thinking of Selling Your Agency ?

True company culture can be felt by a new employee arriving for an interview. It can be understood internally with no words being spoken and it can touch that inner part of us all

Profiles in Risk Podcast with Insurance Nerds

“Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn.”

Our industry is malleable, but she ain’t gonna surrender to a few thousand lines of code or be conquered by an insurance novice.

My latest book leads your through different scenarios to help you buy the right insurance.

Introduction to How to Beat Your Insurance Company

Follow the link to read my latest insurtech article in National Underwriter: